Snowden for Christmas.

BJ Snowden: Life In The USA CD $11.99 + shipping Quantity Desired:

B.J. Snowden has laid down the tracks for her new Christmas single, The Christmas Hop b/w He's the Santa I Want. Click here to see photos of the recording session.

Recorded in NYC with Fred Schneider of the B-52's, this may be the Wildest Christmas song ever! Click here to see some photos and hear a bit of the songs.

B.J. Snowden has taken the music world by storm with her debut album, Life in the USA and Canada.

 In one of those incredible-but-true show business stories, fate has played a role in Ms. Snowden’s discovery. A substitute school teacher, B.J. recorded some songs a few years back. Writing all the songs, and playing all the instruments, she released a limited number of cassettes, with virtually no distribution. Fortunately, one of the tapes found its way to a well-known Greenwich Village record store, where the staff, recognizing an instant classic, began to play it incessantly. Customers demanded to know what these unique sounds were. And now, after months of negotiation and planning, DeMilo Records is proud to release Life in the USA and Canada by B.J. Snowden.

The album is filled with memorable songs and catchy melodies that you won’t be able to get out of your head. B.J.’s distinctive voice compliments her compositions like catsup on french fries. Her music has been compared to the classic sounds that accompany Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and the Charlie Brown cartoons; her impact likened to Jonathan Richman, the Shaggs, and Harvey Sid Fisher.

Metronome Magazine

Fred Schneider (B-52s)

B.J. Snowden


Listen to her album and its already legendary tunes 98 and In Canada. We promise that you’ve never heard anything like it!


B.J. Snowden MTV Superstar!

B.J. Snowden taped the first musical sequence for the first episode of MTV’s show, ODDVILLE. After her unique talents were brought to the show’s producer, the excitement for her appearance led to a triumphant performance of her classic anthem IN CANADA.

She Walks, She Talks, She Sings, She Plays, She even Dances!

 This was the first opportunity for B.J.’s fans nationwide to see their favorite songstress performing live. Her remarkable compact disc, Life in the USA and Canada attracts new fans every time it is played. There is nothing else like her.

 It’s been said that once you’ve heard a B.J. song, you’ll never forget it. Go ahead. Listen to B.J. Snowden today. But be warned, you’ll be humming her songs and singing her praises to all your friends for the next few months.

 B.J. Snowden



You won’t be able to help yourself

BJ Snowden: Life In The USA CD $11.99 + shipping Quantity Desired:

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